Best Online Marketing for Contractors

One thing we discovered when we were novices in the marketing industry is that contractors and computers don’t mixWe found out very quickly that the majority of contractors and home service companies are always on the hunt for new clients and that none of them know how to do it using the internet.

It was after having this realization that Joe and Mark dedicated their time and skills to not just becoming better marketers, we wanted to be come the best marketing company for home service businesses.

After having these realizations and dedicating ourselves to finding the answers, we are here to answer once and forall. What is the best type of marketing for contractors and home service pros?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization means designing your website to please Google’s search algorithm. In layman’s terms, this means “making your website show up on page 1 of search results” and ideally towards the top of page 1.

For contractors and home service companies focused on long-term growth, this is the best investment you can make in marketing your business.

The viability of SEO depends on what industry your business is in, how competitive your market is and how large or an area you service.  Meaning: it is much more difficult to rank at the top of page 1 for “plumber in New York city” than it would be for “driveway sealing in Medford Oregon.” The New York plumbing market has several hundred competitors, while the Medford, OR driveway sealing market only has a few.

Learn more about our SEO services, prices and what you can expect here.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing - (PPC or Search Engine Marketing)

Pay-Per-Click marketing is our “go-to” marketing channel. Nothing generates leads faster than a healthy budget and targeted “pay-per-click” ads.

When someone searches “Drywall company near me” your ad will show up as one of the top 4 on the page with text targeted to your searcher.  They will then be directed to your website where they can research your company, view your past work, fill out your contact form and call you from the number you provide on page.

Social Media Marketing (SMM - Facebook & Instagram)

The newest tool in the marketers belt is social media ads. If your product or service is aesthetic in nature, this may be the most productive marketing channel.

With targeted social media ads, we can put a paragraph of text, video, images and more in front of a highly targeted group of potential clients. By advertising on Facebook and Instagram ads we can target a highly refined group of individuals who are likely to become customers. Example: married women with kids over age 30 who work full-time and have a household income over $100K.

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