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Caelus is dedicated to growing home service businesses. We provide tailored digital marketing services that are designed to get more paying clients.

  • SEO
  • PPC

Search Engine Optimization (more commonly known as SEO) is the process of making a website more easily found by searchers. 

When done properly, your website (or Google maps listing) can be moved onto page 1 where your potential customers will find you. Over time and with effort, we can even move your business to the top of page one.

We do this by researching keywords and phrases that people are using to search for your service, creating content that services their searches and then building targeted links to those pages from other websites.  This can feel like a bit much to a beginner, but that's what we're here for.  When your website steadily produces new, content rich, helpful content and has relevent links built back to that content, the site will rank higher and higher over time.

Pay-Per-Click marketing (more commonly known as PPC or AdWords) is the process of creating targeted ads that show up at the top of Google's search results.  You only pay Google once someone searching for your service, clicks on your ad to visit your website.

This is a service that we provide to our clients that need clients right away or need additional clients on top of the clients they are getting from SEO.


Search Engine Marketing plans starting at:

$500 / mo. + Ad Spend

Pay Per Click


PPC marketing is our most popular service and is the most cost effective service for most home service companies (depending on competition and business model)

Our PPC advertising starts at $600/month. 

 Clients should also be able to budget at least $300 per month paid directly to Google.

Search Engine Optimization plans starting at:

$1,950 / mo.



Search engine optimization is the slowest marketing channel, but can be the most profitable long term.

A website and Google Maps listing that continually generates leads and appointments is a businesses best asset.


All agreements are month-to-month

We never ask our clients to sign long-term contract

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  • Caelus Digital did awesome work.  We shared our website with our followers on Facebook and were pleased that all of our friends and family liked it as much as we did.

    Ryan Dore

    Owner - Dencal Construction
  • You’ve done a great job.  I relied on your guys service to get through our slow season, and then it worked even better during our busy season.

    David Woodbury

    Owner - Woodbury Painting
  • I had trouble getting customers in such a crowded market like Denver.  I’m happy to say you guys helped me get as much business as I can handle.

    Stephen Fox

    Owner - Fox Mechanical

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